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Well, what do you know. My first color drawing.

I’ve been just doing as usual - spending sparse amounts of time alternating between sketching, tableteering, and learning from Andrew Loomis’s Fun With A Pencil.

This started as a sketch to exercise my lesson in anatomy, then became a tablet exercise to learn how to shade in Photoshop Essentials, which then became a tablet exercise to learn how to color in Photoshop Essentials. And you know what, for once this is a apiece I can look at that doesn’t have me cringing /too/ badly at my transgressions.

I ran into a few issues near the head thanks to a very stupid thing I tried to do in order to get Corel Painter Essentials to properly merge layers (protip: fuck Painter Essentials, just use Photoshop Essentials for everything if you’ve got both). My digital drawing method has become as follows:

-Scan the pencil drawing.

-Open a drawing the size of your scanned drawing in Photoshop, paste it in on one layer, trace it on another layer.

-Hide original drawing. Start new layer on top of original drawing layer, fill it white. On another layer, shade your tracing. (Once this is done, you may elect to hide the tracing layer if you’re trying to do a realistic, fully-shaded drawing.)

-On yet another layer, make a palette of colors in the corner of the drawing. Use those to fill in the appropriate areas of your drawing on another layer once more.


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